TINCheck Real Time



Best fit for those with a predictable number of verifications to perform each month.

Best fit if you need flexibility in verifying your customer and vendor information.

Any usage over the monthly subscription plan amount will be billed at the “Overage Rate.”
If you need a higher volume of checks, let’s connect to talk about a custom plan that fits your organization’s needs.

TINCheck Bulk Pricing

Customer and vendor information is changing all the time. TINCheck Bulk is an add-on service with a prepaid or monthly plan that can verify your entire database at once, so you catch changes in your records that happen after initial verification.   

Bulk checks start at $185 per file upload for up to 1,000 records with tiered pricing and discounts for larger volumes.  TINCheck Bulk includes all real-time verifications with the exception of USPS address validation and EIN lookup.

Interested in TINCheck Bulk? Fill out the form and one of our support team will reach out to you to enable the service.   

Pricing FAQ

If I have Overages how do I upgrade to another plan?   
Customers will be able to manage their plan within TINCheck once logged in to move between tiers on the monthly plan. It is not currently possible to change from a prepaid to monthly or from monthly to prepaid.
Can I combine plans? 
No – you cannot combine plans.  If you choose to change your plan, your account will default to the most recent selection.  If you are looking for larger volume pricing or custom pricing, fill out the form above and we will contact you to discuss options.   
Can I get a refund if the total volume of purchases I make during a year would qualify for the lower price from a higher volume tier.  
No – pricing is associated with the plan quantity purchased at the time and overall TINCheck volume from multiple plan purchases cannot be combined over time for volume discounts. Contact us if you need to upgrade your plan for the best pricing.
What verifications are included in the real-time monthly or prepaid plans?   
All checks listed on the Verification List page are included in the pricing for real time plans.  

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