Why TINCheck?


Expedite new customer & vendor onboarding with accurate identity verification in seconds


Real-time, bulk and integrated API options give your organization access to the capabilities that best meet your needs


Easily manage due diligence checks against nearly 30 global databases and watch lists at once


Monthly and prepaid plans with volume discounts. Get started for as little as $24.95/month

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Reduce the risk of regulatory penalties associated with transactions conducted with unverified individuals and businesses.

TINCheck gives you the tools you need for fast, secure TIN/EIN matching and identity verification for:

Accounts payable vendor onboarding

Customer verification for lending/financial services

Merchant onboarding for retail/ecommerce industry

Customer account opening for FinTech & Banking Industry

Gig economy – 1099 vendor onboarding compliance

KYC/AML compliance

Comprehensive Compliance Checks

Verify tax ID, trade practice and ethical compliance data in one place with TINCheck. A single click will match records against over 30 government databases and global watchlists including:

US taxpayer verification – IRS TIN and Name matching, EIN Name Lookup, IRS Exempt Organizations, Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN), Death Master File, USPS Address Validation

Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) – Consolidated Sanctions, Specially Designated Nationals (SDN), Sectoral Sanctions Identifications, Foreign Sanction Evaders, Denied Persons, Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), Iranian Sanctions Act, Foreign Financial Institutions 

US and state watch lists – Casino Banned Patrons, Entity List, Unverified List, FBI Wanted, Excluded Individuals and Entities, Excluded Parties, Arms Export Control Act (AECA), Designated Foreign Terrorist, Politically Exposed People,  

Global sanctions – Canadian Consolidated Regulations, EU Sanctions, Interpol Wanted, Anti-Terrorism Financing & Entities, Iran-Syria Nonproliferation Act, United Nations Consolidated, Ukraine-Russia Related Sanctions, US Commodity Administrative & Reparations Sanctions.   

TINCheck puts you in control

With TINCheck you are secure and in control! You can manage your account, add/change users, change validation preferences, review billing and more. TINCheck uses secure TLS/SSL encryption, and all data is processed in SSAE SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified data centers. You can also implement Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for even greater security. For more on how we keep your sensitive data secure, visit the Security Page

TINCheck Services

TINCheck Real-Time

Instantly match name and TIN against the IRS database and more than 30+ global watchlists. Affordable monthly and prepaid plans.


Automate real-time identity checks with a secure API integrated into your onboarding process.

TINCheck Bulk Match

Securely upload files to the TINCheck site and check any number of customers/vendors at once. Receive complete results within 24 hours.

Join thousands of businesses using TINCheck to easily verify customer and vendor data.

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